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A Legal Support Service

Since 1987 we have attempted to offer the best services possible to our clients. We have set in motion the following agendas that have led us to our present configuration, and this will enable us to serve you better.


We are actively involved in the continuing education programs and legislative agendas in our state and national trade associations that represent the process serving and private investigation industry. Apprised of the ever-changing laws that affect our industry and the services that we can provide to our clients, we strive to maintain the highest level of competency and professionalism.


Our staff consists of registered process servers, paralegals and licensed private investigators. Your questions, concerns or comments can be addressed by any of the partners of the firm who are in the office on a full time basis.


We are constantly updating our equipment, and our reviewing our vendors, and have back up plans and equipment available in case of failure. This is to insure you, our client that we will do everything possible to expedite processing of your assignment.


The services we provide include process serving, courier service, court filings and research. We have affiliates all over the state and nation to better serve your legal support needs. We offer a fully staffed office that can give status on your document, answer an inquiry, or resolve billing questions. We are confident that you will be pleased with the results.


Process Serving

Registered process servers or private investigators that are experienced in the service of process and well versed in the laws that govern this procedure serve your papers. Proofs of service and declarations are completed and Proofread prior to being returned to your office in order to minimize errors.


Courier / Messenger / Notary Service

If you need documents picked up and delivered, messengered for a signature, or need a mobile notary, we can provide these services for you.


Court Filings / Fax Filings / Court Research & Retrieval Of Documents

These valuable services we can provide for you on a local or nationwide basis. For your filings, we will check the documents for any deficiencies and let you know of any special requirements or local rules. Your Court research and retrieval of records sometimes can be done via our computers and we can advise you of the particulars for this.